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Snacks With Perks

Meet JavaUp

Espresso Bars and Espresso Bites.
They pack a punch.

Why JavaUp?

Espresso Bars & Espresso Bites

The Perfectly Portable Pick Me Up

Our espresso bars are a delicious combo of coffee, chocolate, nuts, grains and seeds. And more chocolate.

The Plant-based Coffee Snack

Our espresso bites are crispy puffs of quinoa, drenched in coffee-infused dark chocolate and dusted with organic fruit powders.

Our Founder. Our Purpose.

Baking Up Ideas

Lisa Newmann, founder and co-owner of Coffee Snacks, Inc., has been building food companies since the 1980s. Her manufacturing and marketing career began with her cookie business in Boston, which sold to an international French baking company. After an Award of Excellence from Julia Child and The American Institute of Wine & Food, Lisa was inspired to dive deeper into food, nutrition and environmental sustainability. She has been innovating and formulating ever since.

Coffee Snacks creates nutritionally sound, delicious and portable snacks made with organic coffee, marketed with a message of climate urgency. The brand JavaUp was born from an ongoing love affair with coffee, real food and environmental repair.  

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