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Our Story

Our company is based in the beautiful Berkshire hills of Massachusetts, a community of farmers, artists, writers, musicians, and food lovers. We’re proud that the snacks we make reflect the creativity and ingenuity of our home.

Our dedicated team is led by Lisa Newmann, the founder and formulator of Coffee Snacks, Inc. Lisa has been a leader in natural food innovation, as business owner, production baker, and recipe developer. In these various roles, as she became increasingly aware of the environmental casualties caused by conventional coffee farming, Lisa became a determined advocate of organic shade-grown coffees. She created JavaUp® to provide delicious, uplifting snacks that feature and promote the complex environmental benefits of responsibly grown and sourced coffees.

The organic shade-grown coffee beans in our snacks are sourced by No. Six Depot, a local roaster here in the Berkshires. We match the resulting flavors and characteristics of each type of coffee with other ingredients that authentically celebrate their place of origin.

Nutritional integrity. Exhilarating taste.

Every JavaUp coffee snack is made with a smart superfood mix to deliver sustainable energy. We blend organic shade-grown, artisan-roasted coffee with wholesome ingredients like whole grains, nuts, sunflower seeds, and chocolate, so you’ll get a deliciously invigorating lift and no depleting crash.

The Science of The Soil

“Great soil is not just foundational for home gardeners, it’s the agricultural holy grail worldwide,”
— Lisa Newmann

Recently, Lisa spoke with USDA researcher, Rick Haney, about carbon retention in the soil, which has a direct effect on the warming of the planet. Her conversation grew from a profound interest in — and desire to learn more about — shade grown coffee practices and how most accurately to spread the word about organically grown coffee and its impact on slowing or potentially reversing the warming of the planet. 

Rick’s decades of study have revealed that, as shared in an interview with Yale e360, 

“We’re destroying the organic matter in the soil, and we’ve got to bring that back to sustain life on this planet.  The good news," he told Yale, "is that soil will come back if you give it a chance. It’s very robust and resilient. It’s not like we’ve destroyed it to the point where it can’t be fixed. But changing course will require an attitude adjustment.”  

The ‘attitude adjustment’ comes to life through our coffee-powered snacks and the discussion continues on our blog and social platforms. 

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