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Meet JavaUp: Gluten free espresso bars & energy bites that pack a punch 

Why JavaUp?

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An invigorating mix of organic, small-batch roasted espresso, dark chocolate, rolled oats, sunflower seeds & almonds.

• Naturally caffeinated for all lift and no crash
• Starts at 100 calories
• Made from sustainable shade-grown coffee
• High in antioxidants
• 6g of protein and 5g of fiber

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The naturally sweet, crispy treat that gives you a boost of sustainable energy with zero guilt.

• Naturally caffeinated for all lift and no crash
• Equal to 2 sips of espresso per snack
• Only 70 calories
• Non GMO dark chocolate
• Plant-based and gluten-free

Crafted by experience recipe developers from the Berkshires

Our dedicated team is led by Lisa Newman, a leader in natural food innovation and sustainable coffee farming since 1990.

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