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A Purpose-Driven Business

In 2015, Coffee Snacks’ CEO, Lisa Newmann, learned about shade-grown coffee and discovered its relevance to trapping carbon in the soil, providing habitats for migrating birds, and reversing the effects of climate change. Upon this discovery, Lisa connected with Dr. Eban Goodstein at Bard College’s Graduate Program in Sustainability to discuss collaborating with her alma mater around the issue of organic coffee farming and businesses with purpose.

Through the process of connecting with Bard, Lisa met Vanessa Kichline, an MBA student whose Master of Science in Environmental Policy thesis was titled Carbon Stocks in Shade Coffee. This experience for Lisa was wonderfully coincidental and uniting, drawing a familiar parallel to the sentiment surrounding her time as a student at Bard. Instead of a scheduled reunion this Spring, classmates are connecting by Zoom, sharing memories on screen.

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