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Café Au Lait with Mocha Highlights


As a life-long brunette in a family of many redheads, I was amused to see that coffee hues are “in” when it comes to hair color. Imagine telling your hairdresser, “Keep the length grande, and make the color medium cappuccino with hazelnut caramel highlights.”

Now that a menu of coffee colors and flavors is in my mind, I realize that I’m seeing it everywhere. In the language of Six Depot Roastery — JavaUp’s official coffee roaster, Kate Middleton’s hair is suddenly like their Berkshire Sky Blend “a happy blend of Sumatra Ketiara Organic beans and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe with clean, bright notes.” And Meghan, the new Duchess of Sussex, has tresses described as “auburn balayage highlights. Balayage, by the way, is a technique where hair is hand-painted for a sun-kissed effect.”

My sister Steffi, one of my favorite redheads, is a tea drinker, and I’d describe her hair color as being rather like Six Depot’s Mandarin Orange Rooibos. Reddish-brown with warm citrusy notes of mandarin orange. Mmmm.

It’s fun to play with the metaphor, but my real point is, we’re in an age of customization and personalization. Colors and flavors are an energizing palette for self-expression, not unlike JavaUp snacks.

The most energizing of coffee-inspired palettes is the vibrant wardrobe of our farmers in Indonesia. This photo is of the farming community at Bali Blue Moon.

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