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The Big Roast

The coffee world was in a tizzy last week when a judge in California issued a tentative ruling that coffee companies in that state must label each cup of coffee with a cancer warning label.

Should we worry? Absolutely not.

The judge cited research that roasted coffee beans contain a known carcinogen called acrylamide. According to LiveScience, reporter Laura Geggel, acrylamide is a chemical that occurs when sugars in some starchy foods are browned at high temperatures, including coffee beans, French fries, potatoes chips, breakfast cereals and toast. “However, the scientific evidence linking acrylamide to cancer in humans is scant,” she wrote.

The American Institute for Cancer Research agreed that the California ruling was flimsy and issued this statement: On a “cancer worry” scale from 0 to 10, coffee should be solidly at 0 and smoking at 10; they should not have similar warning labels. Those who like drinking coffee should have no concerns at all, except perhaps, if they add too much sugar and cream or are very sensitive to the effects of caffeine.

So, let’s all take a breath.

The organic or shade-grown beans we use in all Java Me Up Coffee Bars, are treated with extraordinary respect and care. Six Depot, our exclusive roaster, roasts them in small batches. “We roast by bean type, not by computer profile. Each bean and each crop is different, so we treat each batch as if cooking a meal — using eye, ear, nose, experience and some creative experimentation. Our goal is to bring out the unique regional qualities in each bean,” says Lisa Landry, of Six Depot.”

So have a cup of coffee and enjoy watching Flavio, Six Depot’s master roaster in action.

No. Six Depot from Dylan Cole-Kink on Vimeo.

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